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Virtual Tour of Robotics and Engineering Labs Announced

Abington’s Robotics and Engineering Club will be presenting a virtual tour of the Penn State Great Valley NEW Robotics and Engineering Labs, open to anyone.

WHEN: Thursday Dec 3, 12:30 – 1:30PM

WHERE: Room 313 Woodland Building


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Article: The Case for a Campus Makerspace: Audrey Watters


ThinkLab at University of Mary Washington

MakerLab in the Humanities, University of Victoria

Open Hardware Makerspace, NC State

Fab Lab, Stanford

Media Lab, MIT

Links to Various Hacker and Maker Spaces

New MakerBot Innovation Center at Florida International University will provide innovators with a space to experiment and build out their ideas

The fusion of entrepreneurial vision and professional execution that transforms ideas into exponential companies through collaboration, cobuilding is the art and science of the collective genius.

Innovation centers, incubators, makerspaces, design schools

Artisan’s Asylum: Making for the first time? Sharpening your skills? Looking for a new project?

Chicago Northside Mini Maker Faire is the first and largest officially licensed Maker Faire in the Chicagoland area…

This Super-Cool ‘Hackerspace’ in Old Zenith Spot Lets You Build Anything


Bob Inside MakerBot

Bob Inside MakerBot


Bob the Biped IST@Abington

Bob the Biped IST@Abington


IST@Abington 3D Printing Projects

IST@Abington 3D Printing Projects